Installation Guide

You can either use the repo version from PyPI, or the bleeding edge version from git.

Installing the repo version is as simple as

pip install pydsge

The code does not work with Python 2.x.

Installation via git

As long as this is still work in progress, the version from PyPI may not be fully up to date. To get the current git snapshot you have two choices: installing “by hand”, or using the git command. I strongly recommend using git as it facilitates updates and the like. This is the handy way.

Note that this package depends on the econsieve and grgrlib packages which both can be found on my github page, and on PyPI.

First install git. Linux users just use their respective repos.

Windows users probably use anaconda and can do

conda install -c anaconda git

in the conda shell as they kindly tell us here. Otherwise you can probably get it here.

Then you can simply do

pip install git+
pip install git+
pip install git+

Maybe you’d have to use pip3 instead. If you run it and it complains about missing packages, please let me know so that I can update the!

Manual installation of the git version via pip

First, be sure that you are on Python 3.x. Then, get the econsieve and grgrlib packages:

The simplest way is to clone the repository and then from within the cloned folder run (Windows user from the Anaconda Prompt):

pip3 install .


The package is updated very frequently (find the history of latest commits here). I hence recommend pulling and reinstalling whenever something is not working right. Best thing you also upgrade the other packages as you are at it:

pip install --upgrade git+
pip install --upgrade git+
pip install --upgrade git+